Time passes - but our
appreciation holds:
Friends and family of
SB owners who helped with
shipment to Katrina victims
Some of the volunteers that helped send water to hurricane victims in Louisiana
and Mississippi stand in front of loaded pallets prepared for shipping.
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It's official!  The phase 3 building and office expansion
has been completed and the new production line is

3 new steam distillation units are being installed.
In order to assure the best quality and safest
products, Saegertown Beverages just completed
another certified third party food safety audit.  We
are classified in the
EXCELLENT category with a
97.5% score!!  

Congratulations to all of the dedicated employees
who helped achieve this great success!!!
We are now a full-fledged IBWA member
facility with multiple inspections
completed.  We are rated as
in the rigid operating standards set by the
International Bottled Water Association!